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How much will this cute dog cost you in the end?

Dogs, also called “Man’s best friend” has been our number one pet for centuries. It’s loyal character and urge to please its owner makes him a great companion and addition to the family.

But with buying a dog also come responsibility. They might be adorable when they are small but they will grow up to be (mostly) powerful animals.

Dogs are known to cause harm when wanting to protect their family and home. Dogbites can create severe injuries and with that also follows big medical bills and maybe even attorney fees if the bitten person presses charges against you!

But there are ways to avoid getting into this situation!
Here are 8 tips on how to keep your dog from causing harm to others:

  • Many dogs are escape artists, make sure your fence is properly secured in the ground as many dogs can easily pull it up or dig under it. Also make sure your fence high enough as many dogs can either jump high or climb over!
  • Keep the dogs food and water on a quiet spot, this so they don’t feel like they have to protect it from  neighbors or visitors
  • Put up a warning sign, having a “Be aware of the dog” sign can make visitors more cautious and will not enter your premises by themselves.
  • Protecting your home is different than just being aggressive, when socializing your dog at an early age you can teach him to be kind to people he knows and protective with strangers. When doing this your dog will not be aggressive and you can trust him.
  • Teach him to trust you, from an early stage you need to show the dog that you are in charge and train him that visitors are welcome, if YOU let them in. The dog should never be in charge!
  • Exercise your dog, the more energy the dog has the more damage he can do! Exercise your dog regularly by log walks or swims. But keep him on a leach on public places!
  • No touch, no talk, no eye contact! When having new visitors over, tell them to NOT touch, talk or make eye contact with the dog. Any of these can trigger a response if the dog feels insecure. Have your guests ignore the dog at first and later when the dog is relax then they can pay attention to the dog.
  • Have a Liability insurance! Even when you have your dog under control you never know what type of situation can occur! Signing up for a Personal Liability insurance will keep your wallet safe from medical expenses and attorney fees that might occur when your dog bites someone. Be smart and make sure to give yourself peace of mind!*


*DISCLAIMER: A Liability insurance at New India covers if you are hold legally liable for an injury caused by any family member, servants or pets. What is defined as legally liable is to be decided by a court.